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Emmy Paxman's Intro to Web Comics

Dive into the world of web comics and how they've changed with the times with creator Emmy Paxman, along with exploration of her own story Neptune Bay, the joy of the himbo, and more.

Redefining Strong Female Protagonists with Andrea Contos

Young adult thriller author Andrea Contos joins us for a discussion about how to write young adult characters and plots into the thriller genre, redefining the "strong female protagonist" and much more.

Michael Mammay is Done With Your Soldier Tropes

Science fiction writer and a retired army officer Michael Mammay talks heists, generation ships, and bad soldier stereotypes in science fiction--and we get the scoop on his newest release.

Tom Phillips Tackles Toxic Masculinity through Middle Grade Mysteries

Em and E.J. get nostalgic for the 90s with middle grade action and mystery author Tom Phillips in a chat about Reading Rainbow, the Pizza Hut Book It! Program, Land of the Lost, and more, with a side of how his new release takes on the issues of toxic masculinity for young readers.

Alexandria Bellefleur Swoons for Forced Proximity

Romance author Alexandria Bellefleur joins Em and E.J. in this episode to share about her latest novel, wax nostalgic about her favorite 90s rom com moments, and--of course--talk tropes.

Mia P. Manansala Writes "Rom-Coms with Dead Bodies"

Join us in conversation with culinary cozy mystery author Mia P. Manansala as we chat about her Tita Rosie’s Kitchen Mystery series, the shared tropes between romance and cozies, why there’s so much food in this particular mystery genre, and the undue burden put on marginalized authors.

Anna E. Collins Loves a Sunshine/Grump Trope

In which Em & EJ interview Anna E. Collins, author of LOVE AT FIRST SPITE! Listen in for talk about where the idea for the novel came from, her love of underdogs, and the satisfaction of a good old fashioned Happily Ever After.

Romance Author Hildie McQueen Plots A Return from the Dead

In our very first episode of TROPED OUT, Em and EJ talk the glory of romance tropes with USA Today bestselling author Hildie McQueen, from why we love scarred heroes to the problem with insta-love to why we all love Henry Cavill.

You Know We Love SFF But ...

We're expanding into our broader love of genre fiction with our new podcast Troped Out! Coming in January 2022.

You Know What We Love? A Great Trope

You know what we love? A great haunted house story. Or a meet cute. Or an alien invasion. Or a beta male lead. Troped Out is coming in January 2022, subscribe now.

Countdown: Troped Out is Coming in January 2022

Join us in conversation with your favorite authors - and soon to be favorite authors - in this new podcast celebrating genre fiction.

The Tropes Your Favorite Authors Love

Em and EJ are launching a brand new podcasts, all about tropes. Join us and learn what tropes your favorite authors (and soon to be favorte authors) love.

Troped Out: A Brand New Typo Productions Podcast Coming Soon

A brand new release is coming soon from the creators of your favorite speculative fiction podcast.

No One Can Resist a Good Trope ...

No one can resist a good trope ... Troped Out podcast is coming soon!

Coming Soon!

A new Typo Productions podcast is coming soon!

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